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Use events from Apache ActiveMQ to trigger autoscaling with Kedify and KEDA

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ActiveMQ is an open-source messaging server that allows applications in various languages and on many platforms to communicate with each other using queues and topics

With KEDA, ActiveMQ setups can achieve dynamic scaling, which allows applications to maintain high performance and responsiveness under various load conditions. This integration facilitates enhanced operational agility and efficient resource utilization, critical in high-demand and real-time processing environments.

Featured Use Cases


During high-traffic sales events, an online retail platform must efficiently process a large volume of customer orders placed on its e-commerce site.

Apache ActiveMQ Usage:

ActiveMQ queues customer orders which need to be processed to complete transactions, ensuring order details are maintained and communicated effectively between services.

KEDA Usage:

KEDA scales the order processing services based on the length of the ActiveMQ queue, ensuring that resources are allocated dynamically to meet demand peaks without manual scaling.
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kind: ScaledObject
  name: order-processing-scaledobject
  namespace: default
    name: order-processing-deployment
  - type: activemq
      managementEndpoint: "activemq.activemq-test:8161"
      destinationName: "orderQueue"
      brokerName: "activemq_broker"
      targetQueueSize: "50"
      activationTargetQueueSize: "10"