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Go Beyond KEDA,
with Kedify

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    Implement HTTP-based autoscaling

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    Scale down to and up from zero using any type of event

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    Install the latest version of KEDA in seconds

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    Keep KEDA up-to-date and CVE-free

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    Define autoscaling policies that adjust automatically

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    Manage KEDA across many clusters and clouds

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    Specify role-based access controls for KEDA

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Why Kedify?

Reduce cloud costs with less complexity and better performance. Autoscale Kubernetes workloads on any cloud using any event.

  • HTTP-based Autoscaling

    HTTP-based Autoscaling

    Use Kedify to autoscale your workloads up or down to zero based on HTTP events. In addition to support for 65+ event-based scalers.

  • Secure Builds with Updates

    Secure Builds with Updates

  • Manage Many Clusters Across Clouds

    Manage Many Clusters Across Clouds

  • Dynamic Resource Recommendations

    Dynamic Resource Recommendations

  • Intuitive Web-Based Dashboard

    Intuitive Web-Based Dashboard

Unlock Intelligent Autoscaling in <90 Seconds

Dynamically adapt to demand - up, out, or down - while prioritizing cluster performance and efficiency. Powered by KEDA, a Cloud Native Computing Foundation graduate, Kedify is built on popular and battle-tested open source technologies.

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Scale Elastically Up or Down to Zero

Tailored resource adjustment specific to your workload and cluster: automatically scale applications with more precision. Effortlessly handle sudden traffic surges, processing demands, expected holiday spikes, or any other type of event.

Adopt Cloud-Agnostic, Event-Driven Scaling

  • Avoid autoscaling implementations that result in cloud provider lock-in
  • Scale any workload: E-Commerce, AI & Machine Learning, Data & Analytics, IoT, Gaming, and more
  • Choose from 65+ open source scalers, your own scaler or use Kedify to create your own custom scaler
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Support for 65+ proven scalers including AWS SQS, Azure Service Bus, GCP Tasks, Redis, Prometheus, Apache Kafka, RabbitMQ, Selenium and many more.

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