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Go Beyond KEDA,
with Kedify

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    Implement HTTP-based autoscaling

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    Scale to and from zero using any type of event

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    Install the latest version of KEDA in seconds

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    Keep KEDA up-to-date and CVE-free

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    Define autoscaling policies that adjust automatically

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    Manage KEDA across many clusters and clouds

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    Specify role-based access controls for KEDA

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Why Kedify?

Reduce cloud costs with less complexity and better performance. Autoscale Kubernetes workloads on any cloud using any event.

  • Secure Builds with Updates

    Secure Builds with Updates

    Kedify helps ensure your team is using the latest secure version of KEDA. Let Kedify handle the heavy lifting of managing and updating your KEDA deployments.

  • HTTP-based Autoscaling

    HTTP-based Autoscaling

  • Manage Many Clusters Across Clouds

    Manage Many Clusters Across Clouds

  • Dynamic Resource Recommendations

    Dynamic Resource Recommendations

  • Intuitive Web-Based Dashboard

    Intuitive Web-Based Dashboard

Unlock Intelligent Autoscaling in <90 Seconds

Dynamically adapt to demand - up, out, or down - while prioritizing cluster performance and efficiency. Powered by KEDA, a Cloud Native Computing Foundation graduate, Kedify is built on popular and battle-tested open source technologies.

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Scale Elastically Up or Down to Zero

Tailored resource adjustment specific to your workload and cluster: automatically scale applications with more precision. Effortlessly handle sudden traffic surges, processing demands, expected holiday spikes, or any other type of event.

Adopt Cloud-Agnostic, Event-Driven Scaling

  • Avoid autoscaling implementations that result in cloud provider lock-in
  • Scale any workload: E-Commerce, AI & Machine Learning, Data & Analytics, IoT, Gaming, and more
  • Choose from 65+ open source scalers, your own scaler or use Kedify to create your own custom scaler
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Support for 65+ proven scalers including AWS SQS, Azure Service Bus, GCP Tasks, Redis, Prometheus, Apache Kafka, RabbitMQ, Selenium and many more.

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