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Use events from RabbitMQ to trigger autoscaling with Kedify and KEDA

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RabbitMQ is an open-source message broker that allows applications to communicate by sending messages through queues

RabbitMQ’s support for multiple messaging protocols, coupled with its flexible message queuing and routing capabilities, makes it highly adaptable for various use cases. With KEDA, RabbitMQ setups can automatically scale application components to match workload demands, providing efficient resource utilization and responsiveness in environments from e-commerce to IoT and media processing. This integration enhances the ability to handle high loads and large numbers of concurrent connections, ensuring that applications remain scalable and resilient under varied operational conditions.

Featured Use Cases


An online retail platform experiences variable order volumes throughout the day, with spikes during promotional events and holiday sales.

RabbitMQ Usage:

Order messages are continuously pushed to a RabbitMQ queue from the website as customers place orders, which then need to be processed by the backend systems to fulfill orders.

KEDA Usage:

KEDA scales the number of order processing workers based on the RabbitMQ queue length, ensuring that order handling capacity matches demand peaks without delays.
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kind: ScaledObject
  name: order-processing-scaledobject
  namespace: default
    name: order-processing-deployment
  pollingInterval: 10
  minReplicaCount: 1
  maxReplicaCount: 100
  - type: rabbitmq
      queueName: order-queue
      host: rabbit.cluster
      mode: QueueLength
      queueLength: '5'