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Welcome to Kedify!

Kedify helps you autoscale your cluster workloads, optimize performance, and reduce costs. The Kedify is proudly powered by open source technologies including KEDA.

Let’s start!

Kedify Overview

Kedify is a managed service, powered by the KEDA open source project and Kubernetes’ built-in Horizontal Pod Autoscaler, that scales cluster resources up or down (including down to zero resources) based on pre-defined external events. This enables flexibility to reduce the cost and optimize the performance of any type of workload.

You can use Kedify to:

  • Securely install KEDA with no CVEs in less than 90 seconds
  • Manage KEDA across multiple clusters and types of workloads
  • Monitor and visualize your workload autoscaling
  • Get resource and configuration recommendations
  • Dynamically autoscale policies based on the cron schedule

The Kedify is made up of 3 separate but interrelated components:

  • Kedify Agent: a secure gRPC-based agent service that manages KEDA, provides telemetry and maintains security settings
  • Kedify Custom Resource Definitions: YAML-based custom resource definitions that provide the foundation for how and when to scale deployments as well as defining event sources
  • Kedify Dashboard: an intuitive user interface to monitor resources and autoscaling activities as well as managing KEDA installations across clusters