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Use events from MongoDB to trigger autoscaling with Kedify and KEDA

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MongoDB is a document-oriented NoSQL database designed for high performance, high availability, and automatic scaling.

Integrated with KEDA, it provides powerful event-driven autoscaling solutions for dynamic workload management based on real-time database queries.

Featured Use Cases


Scale a document management system dynamically as developers check-in or check-out code documents, ensuring optimal performance during peak development hours.

MongoDB Usage:

Scale based on the number of check-in and check-out operations logged in MongoDB.

KEDA Usage:

The version control system uses KEDA to monitor the transaction logs in MongoDB, dynamically adjusting the compute resources needed to handle peak loads.
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kind: ScaledObject
  name: version-control-scaler
  namespace: default
    name: version-control-service
  minReplicaCount: 2
  maxReplicaCount: 10
  - type: mongodb
      dbName: "devops"
      collection: "transactions"
      query: '{"operation": {"$in": ["check-in", "check-out"]}}'
      queryValue: "10"
      activationQueryValue: "3"