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Use events from CouchDB to trigger autoscaling with Kedify and KEDA

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CouchDB is a NoSQL database well-suited for web applications, using JSON for documents and featuring a robust, user-friendly HTTP API.

Integrated with KEDA, CouchDB enables precise autoscaling of Kubernetes applications based on real-time data changes, allowing for highly responsive and efficient scaling strategies tailored to current workload demands.

Featured Use Cases


A content management system needs to scale its caching layer dynamically as the number of new comments or page views spikes during high traffic events.

CouchDB Usage:

Scaling is triggered based on the count of documents tagged with "new: true" in the interactions database.

KEDA Usage:

The CMS uses KEDA to query the count of new interactions, automatically adjusting the number of cache instances to handle increased load, ensuring optimal performance and user experience.
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kind: ScaledObject
  name: cms-cache-scaler
  namespace: default
    name: cache-service
  minReplicaCount: 2
  maxReplicaCount: 15
  - type: couchdb
      host: 'couchdb-service.default.svc.cluster.local'
      port: '5984'
      dbName: 'cms_interactions'
      query: '{ "selector": { "isNew": true }, "fields": ["_id"] }'
      queryValue: '100'
      activationQueryValue: '50'