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Use events from Selenium to trigger autoscaling with Kedify and KEDA

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Selenium is an open-source framework for automated web testing. It supports multiple browsers and platforms, allowing tests to be run in parallel across a distributed network of nodes.

It’s ideal for automated testing across various platforms and browsers. Integrated with KEDA, Selenium Grid can scale up or down dynamically based on the demand for testing resources, ensuring efficient and responsive testing environments.

Featured Use Cases


A software development team needs to ensure timely execution of automated tests in their CI/CD pipeline.

Selenium Usage:

Scale based on the number of queued test requests in Selenium Grid, ensuring browser nodes are available as demand varies.

KEDA Usage:

KEDA automatically scales the number of browser nodes based on the queued test requests, reducing wait times and improving feedback loops in the development cycle.
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kind: ScaledObject
  name: selenium-chrome-automated-testing
  namespace: default
  maxReplicaCount: 20
    name: selenium-chrome-node
    - type: selenium-grid
        url: 'http://selenium-hub:4444/graphql'
        browserName: 'chrome'
        activationThreshold: '5'