KEDA Achieves CNCF Graduation: Pioneering Kubernetes Autoscaling


by Zbynek Roubalik, Founder & CTO

August 22nd, 2023

We are delighted to announce a significant milestone. KEDA (Kubernetes Event-Driven Autoscaler), has achieved a remarkable feat by attaining Graduated project status within the CNCF. This accomplishment holds great significance, highlighting KEDA’s role as a driving force within the Kubernetes ecosystem.

From Conception to Maturity

KEDA’s journey commenced in 2019 with a resolute mission: to simplify Kubernetes application autoscaling. Rooted in a philosophy of seamless integration, KEDA aligned seamlessly with CNCF, entering as a Sandbox project in 2020. Subsequently, it evolved into a mature autoscaler, boasting enhanced features and advancing to Incubation project status in 2021 and finally a Graduated project status today! This achievement validates KEDA’s inherent value and underscores the collective commitment of the whole KEDA community.

Real-World Scalability Solutions

KEDA’s recent strides have been geared towards addressing the unique requirements of enterprises. Its capacity to seamlessly handle extensive scaling demands, effectively managing a multitude of workloads while preserving optimal performance, has garnered adoption among 45+ end-users. Along the path towards Graduation, KEDA has consistently expanded its capabilities, introducing new features and refining its performance. This evolution underscores not only KEDA’s adaptability but also its commitment to delivering value to its users and the broader Kubernetes ecosystem.

A Glimpse into a Promising Future

The road ahead for KEDA is brimming with innovative potential. Our vision encompasses predictive autoscaling, an essential stride towards optimizing resource utilization. Beyond that, KEDA is setting its sights on addressing sustainability concerns by exploring autoscaling solutions that take into account carbon and energy consumption. Improved heuristics surrounding metrics evaluation will enhance KEDA’s precision in scaling decisions. Moreover, KEDA is committed to enhancing observability, elevating monitoring capabilities, and fortifying security measures.

Closing Remarks

As we reflect on KEDA’s journey from its humble beginnings to its graduation within the CNCF, our hearts are filled with gratitude. We extend our sincere thanks to the CNCF, our dedicated community, and the enthusiastic users who have made this achievement possible. This milestone marks the end of one chapter and the beginning of an exciting new phase. The Kedify team is enthusiastic about what lies ahead and is poised to lead KEDA towards a future of continued innovation, collaboration, and positive impact.

For official details on KEDA’s CNCF Graduation, we invite you to read the CNCF announcement.

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